Thursday, December 25, 2008

Llamas vs. Turtles

Welcome to Emotional Expeditions! Emotional Expeditions are a branch of reviews where the entire game is explored. Somewhat of a walkthrough. Today, I'll be reviewing "are you a turtle or a lama?" And as everybody should know, it's never good when the game's title is spelled wrong.

Apparently, a monk is a llama. You're either a turtle, turtle, turtle, or llama. Look through the comments, barely anyone says they were llamas. If they did, then they were trying to get llamas. There are 12 of them, and half of them ask what foods you like. In fact, let's count how many ask you for your opinion on foods. Time for the analysis:

Do you enjoy spicy chicken? (1)
Do you like ham and bacon? (2)
Do you like hot soup and jam? (3)
Do you like tacos? (4)
Do you have buck teeth?
Do you like to swim?
Do you like chili? (5)
Are you enjoying this game?
Do you think that rabbits are extremely deadly?
Do you hate pork? (Trick question alert!) (6)
Are you gay?
Do you like sushi? (7)

So 7/12 of the game is asking you about food. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Fail Factor: 3 - It was going to be 4/5, but then I found out you DIDN'T always get turtle no matter what. It's still just a stupid quiz game. Who cares if you're a llama or a turtle?

I'm gonna say Testophobia - Fear of taking tests.

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