Friday, December 26, 2008

Cheats in Flash

It's important to pick an attractive icon for your game so people would notice it. For example, I would have never noticed Cheats in Kongregate if it didn't have some hobo as the icon. So, I played it. And boy does it suck.

I so did not know that you can right click and press forward to go forward on a game, or press tab to find hidden buttons! Oh wait, yes I did. Everybody knows these cheats. Oh, and they're the only two cheats on there. Perfect. Then it shows you an example about how you can use the right click cheat to get the medium badge on Age of War, then some stupid "extra" question. You can either go back to the main menu or click "view the answer", which will lead to a page showing you that ugly hobo again. Oh, and the two cheats can be made useless in flash with 4 simple lines of code.
Above: All you need to stop those two cheats.

This game sucks to the highest degree. Outdated and easily broken cheats, no fun, ugly backround.. ect.

Fail Factor 5: YAAAAWN. I think the author was trying to test his button actionScript, then decided to upload the game here anyway.

The phobia to pick here was hard. It's either:

Scelerophobia - Fear of bad people (like the lazy creator of this game)
Hobophobia - Fear of hobos, beggars, undesirables, homeless people, bums.. ect.

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  1. When you use hideBuiltItems();, you actually take out everything except settings and about Flash Player 10.

    You need to tell the developer to give a Quality Button because for whiny badge people, this is the most important feature besides the mute button to get that all-important badge.