Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun With FireBug

NOTE: I will NOT tell you the gender hacking cheat, but I will tell you it DOES involve FireBug and editing your profile.

On the forums, somebody noticed that a certain member had the gender "Shemale" on it. He posted a thread which sparked more and more people to edit their genders. Editing your own gender is actually hacking Kongregate, and will probably get you banned, because the admins are no fun. That thread is gone now (thanks Matt!) and the gender hacking cheat will still be a secret. As mentioned above, I won't tell you, because I had to suffer for a long time before I realized you actually had to edit your profile for it to show up. See, if you download a FireFox extention called FireBug, it can edit the HTML for a page. However, for it to be permanent, you have to MAKE it the variable. This means you actually have to submit it for it to be entered into Kongregate servers. While playing with FireBug, you can do anything you want with Kongregate code. It won't sumbit unless you manually submit it, and you can't with anything besides gender (and maybe birthday). However, you CAN make it look like you are a staff member or level 999 until you refresh the page. Since it's not permanent, it's kinda like editing a picture. You're not actually hacking the servers, because nothing gets submitted.. right? *gulp*


1. Download FireBug
2. Restart FireFox to make it work
3. Right click on what you want to edit and click "inspect edit" (or you can click on the FireBug icon in the bottom-right corner of your browser, but you'll have to manually find your edit)
4. Start editing! You might need to know basic HTML, but you can search for the words you want to edit.

FireBug apparently can't let you add code. (Either that or it's way too complicated for me to do it). This means in order to give yourself a "staff member icon", you need to be a developer. To change that developer icon into a staff icon, you find the developer image code (shown above) and change the developer part of /presentation/developer_icon.gif?1228803865 into staff. Your developer icon should change into a shiny red staff icon.

For reasons unknown, Kongregate has level icons for level 1-999, even though there is no level 999 (the maxium level is currently 65). Find your level icon (also shown above) and change whatever number you have into whatever number you want. You can change the 35 (my level at the time I'm writing this) of /presentation/levelbug/levelbug35.gif?1228803865 into 912 like I did in the image above, and you will get level 912! Hooray!

You can also change the badge pictures, but they're a little more advanced HTML and they look bad (because the images go a little north-left and the bottom-right repeats, it looks broken) and your personal bar thing.

WARNING 1: The personal bar thing is a little bit unstable and may snap back to the original for no reason.

WARNING 2: Refreshing or leaving the page will erase all changes that you made without warning. They're not permanent.

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