Friday, May 7, 2010

All That Glistens Is Not Platinum!

So Mr. Runner has a secret feature. If you run a level really fast, instead of the highest medal they tell you about (gold) you can get a platinum. A platinum is an extreme pain in the ass to get and would very most likely get an impossible badge for catching them all. So, I'm here to list the cutoff times for each platinum on each level.

Thanks to Teenlink for being way better than me and telling me the cutoff times for levels I could not reach them on. In fact, he pretty much got most of the scores. So super mega ultra thanks!

Level 1 - 8:00
Level 2 - 11:90
Level 3 - 11:80
Level 4 - 12:30
Level 5 - 13:50
Teenlink Says: There are two forks in the road. On the first one, take the top path. On the second, take the bottom. These are the fastest ways.
Level 6 - 18:00 (Could be 17:90)
Level 7 - 13:50 (Could be a bunch of things from 13:50 to 14:00)
Level 8 -
Level 9 - 6:90
Severe Says: Always take the first path down! It's easy to get scores below 6:00 if you do it right, meanwhile going to the right like I always used to do will net you below 12:00 if you're lucky.

This list will be constantly updated, so check back later!

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